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Why vaporizers?



1) What is vaporizing?

With the term vaporizing and vaping becoming very common these days, it’s important to understand what exactly it is. Vaporizing is the concept of using vapor in order to get the active chemicals/ aromas found in the blends you decide to use. Compared to conventional means of using combustion to extract active components, vaporizing utilizes a heat source that can be in direct or indirect contact with your blends without actually combusting your products. This in turn produces for fewer carcinogens and is a far healthier alternative. In this case, vaporizing is done with the use of portable or desktop/stationary electronic devices.

2) Why Vaporize?

What are the benefits of vaporizing?

-No combustion= Less carcinogens: As mentioned previously, one benefit of vaporizing is that there are far less carcinogens as there is when your blends are used with a direct flame that leads to combustion. This in return is less harsh for the body and healthier.

- Great vapor quality: With vapor there is hardly or little taste of “burning” as there was with past methods. In some cases the vapor quality is so outstanding that you can taste the blend you are using and get the full effect of it without any distractions to your senses.

- Less odor/smell: Since we are using vapor to extract the desired aromas from our product, there is little or no smell on or around you compared to other methods. As a result, it makes vaping more of a discreet event for many.

- Convenient: Depending on the blends you are using, because there is no combustion or burning in some cases the same product can be re-used which can be good for our pockets!


Conduction vs Convection:


How vaporizers work?

1) Conduction vs convection:

- Conduction vaporizers use a heat source to extract your aromas that is in direct contact with your blends. An example of this is the use of a frying pan when cooking. Much like a frying pan, it cooks the side that it is in contact with and therefor a downside is you’re your blends can be cooked unevenly which can sometimes result in a lower quality of vapor (Don’t kid yourself they still deliver good vape). Most vaporizers use this method of delivering heat and are therefore less expensive compare to its counterparts that use convention. On the flip side these conduction vapes are easier to deal with when it comes to cleaning.

-Convection vaporizers also use a heat element but in this case it is not in direct contact with your blends much like an oven found at home. It uses the heat produced by the element to extract your aromas and therefor is known to produce better quality vapor. It delivers a more of an even cook. Vaporizers that use this method are generally a little more expensive and sometimes a little harder to clean.

2) Difference between portable and desktop vapes:

-Portable vaporizers are design more for the on the go person for more flexibility. They are usually designed small enough to fit in your pockets and are mainly for a one person use.

- Desktop/stationary vaporizers are generally not made to be moved around and stay plugged in one location (ex: home, office). They can usually cater to more than one person at a time and also feature different delivery methods.

3) Power sources:

In order for there to be heat present, vaporizers need a power source. Most portable vaporizers are powered by a rechargeable battery found in the unit. Some also use butane and flames as well (the flame is not in direct contact with the blend!). When it comes to desktop vapes, most of them use a power cord that is directly plugged into a power slot.

4) Delivery methods:

When using a vaporizer, there are different methods that are used to deliver your vapor:

Direct draw: Most vapes use a direct draw (with the use of a straw/stem) delivery that you can mainly see on portable vapes. They can sometimes be made of glass, plastic, silicone etc. Some argue that glass delivers better quality vape compared to others.

Whips: Most desktop vapes use a “whip” to delivery your vape. This is on the form of a long tube that is flexible and lets you control the amount you want to receive. It is connected directly to the machine on one end and has a mouthpiece on the other for the user.

Balloon: Another delivery method is with the use of a balloon. Yup that’s right, a balloon. This is usually hooked up to the machine and vapor is “forced” into it by activating a fan found in the unit. You can then remove the balloon and take in your vapor from a valve found at the tip of it. This is usually found on desktop vapes. Not all stationary vapes have this option though.

Diffuser/potpourri bowl: With this method of delivery, you are usually given a bowl that is inserted into the machine. Your blends are inserted into the bowl and with the use of the heat from the unit your aromas are sent into the air. In some cases you can use this to diffuse essential oils into your setting of choice. Not all vaporizers have this option.

5) Temperature controls:

Which some vaporizers you have the choice of using the different levels of heat for your blends. With different temperatures you can also alter the quality of your vapor. The upside of this is that you can personalize it to your needs. On the other hand some vapes come with one temperature setting. Although this still produces great vapor, it might sometimes not be personalized to fit your needs. Most vaporizers also can make you choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

6) What can is vaporize:

While most vaporizers can be only used with blends, some come with canisters/jars that can be put into the chamber to vaporize oils and waxes as well.


Factors to consider for your new vaporizer:

Important Factors to Consider when choosing a Vaporizer


1) Portability:

Although portable vapes are made to be “portable”, some are better at being portable then others. Some are bigger than others. You have to consider if you can fit it in your place of choice while moving around. Some have to have the stem removed from the machine while others have the stem integrated which makes it more convenient. Some vapes can also be a littler heavier than others.

2) Vapor quality:

When choosing you portable vaporizer, you want to consider the quality of vapor that it delivers. Temperature plays a role in vape quality and it is said that the material of your delivery also plays a role (ex: glass or plastic stem). Some vapes do a better job at this than others.

3) Machine quality:

You want to also consider the quality of the actual unit. Where is it made? Is it made from good materials? Is there usually known issue with it that result in warranty claims? Is it made durable if you drop it or can it withstand the constant moving around/tightness or your pocket/purse? If you leave it out on the sun or the extreme cold will this affect its ability to deliver? These are all factors to consider when looking into a vape.

4) Convenience (Maintenance, temperature control, discreetness):

When choosing a portable vape, you want to consider its convenience. Some vapes have more parts then others which can be harder to clean while others require almost little or no cleaning at all. Whether you can control the temperature or not is something you can also consider. While most vapes deliver good vape, some of you might want to be able to control your temperature in order to influence the kind of vape you’re getting out of your portable. Being discreet about using your vape is important to most people. When using your portable are you low key? Does the look and size of it encourage curiosity from those around you and therefor kind of invades your privacy?

5) Battery life:

Something important to consider when purchasing a portable vaporizer is its battery life and quality. How many draws can you get out of a vape session and how long can that session last? Does its charge capacity easily die out with time? If the unit is subject to cold temperatures will it kill your battery (as is the case with car batteries loosing there charge in cold winter days)? How long do you have to wait for your unit to be charge? And most importantly, is your units battery integrated or can you change it?


As is with the portable vaporizers, some of this is repeat so we will just elaborate on the main differences.

1) Reach:

With stationary vaporizers, reach is to be looked at when choosing the right one for you. Are you mainly going to use it yourself or in groups? If you use it in groups how many people can it reach in one session? Sometimes we have to consider if the unit is able to keep that stable heating temperature while more than one person at a time is drawing vapor.

2) Vapor quality:

as discussed in portable vapes. Same applies

3) Machine quality:

As discussed earlier, the same rules apply but you don’t have to worry about the machine being robust because of constant moving around. If you find a power source for the outdoors you do want to consider its quality if it is going to be subject to the elements.

4) Convenience:

Same applies for desktop vapes as is for portables but in this case being discreet isn’t something of a big issue you want to consider since most people usually keep them privately indoors.

5) Delivery methods:

With desktop vapes, some offer the flexibility of different delivery methods while others don’t. Does your vape have a whip, balloon and diffuser bowl? Does it only have a whip and I can’t use balloons if I want to in the future? Some prefer different delivery methods since the vaporizer stays in one place. With a balloon you can fill it and move around with it in your home/office whereas with a whip you have to be right next to the machine. Definitely things to consider.


Sterilization of your new vaporizer:

What to do when you first receive your vaporizer

We know how it feels when you receive your new vape, you open it up and want to enjoy it right away but we do suggest some steps to take before that.

1) Verifying the package and its contents:

When you receive your package, before signing for it we suggest that you take a look at the exterior of the box to verify if there wasn’t any fowl play during its transit. Some to things to look for are rips, dents/punctures, and wetness or if there are signs of the box being opened. You might want to have the delivery man note this before signing for it. If the box seems to have been crushed for example, you can maybe claim the damages to the postal company if contents inside the box have been broken. At this point go ahead and make sure everything is in its box and seems to be intact and at its place.

2) Sterilisation:

Because vaporisers are units are body comes in contact with while we use, you want to make sure it’s clean. Some of these items have been made with more than 1 chemical while being built and more than one person has manipulated it. When you received your item you want to sterilize it. Steps include:

Step 1: give the unit a good charge.

Step2: Heat the unit with no product in it to its highest temperature.

Step 3: Let it sit with the heat on for about 10 minutes.

Step4: If you have stems or whips, you can put them in a soap solution for 10 minutes as well and rinse them afterwards. Make sure they are dried after well rinsing.

Step 5: Turn off your unit and give it a good charge before you start your vape session. Warning, some pieces can be hot when removing them to insert your blends!


Using your vaporizer:

How to use your Vaporizer (Post Sterilization)

1) Ensuring you have a good charge:

Before your first vape session we suggest charging it for 4-5 hours to be on the safe side. You don’t want to start your vape session and run out of battery because it wasn’t charged long enough.

2) Inserting your blends, waxes and oils:

With waxes and oils some vapes come with canisters. We strongly recommended using nothing other than the canisters given by the manufacturer. For blends, be sure not to fill it too loosely and not to have it to compact either. Remember, vape is created by having heated air pass through your blends, if its packed to tightly it might have a hard time getting through! We also don’t suggest putting in more blends then suggested by the manufacturer.

3) Drawing your vapor:

As with most vapes that use a stem/straw and a whip, it is important to know how to extract your vapor. You want your draws to be soft and longer than what you’re used to with conventional methods. Why? Remember that heat needs to pass to your product and if your drawing to fast you’re not giving it enough time to do its job. Draw to hard and fast and you just might be taking in only hot vapor!

4) Things to expect when vaping:

Sometimes depending on the temperature you’re using, you might not see any vapor at all in the air. This doesn’t mean it’s not there thought. Sometimes we suggest blowing into a light to see it or if you temperature is high enough your vapor will be clearly visible. For Balloon bags, it is said that you have good quality vapor when you can hardly see through the bag. But in the end it depends on you for what kind of vapor you want.

Other Important Notes

1) Warranties:

Sometimes another factor to consider when getting a vaporizer is the warranty that comes with it. While most vapes offer warranties of at least one year, it’s important to take into consideration what the warranty actually covers. In some cases warranties can be “limited” to certain areas of the unit while in other cases warranties don’t cover glass parts (Makes sense right?). How the warranty is handled is also important depending on if the company wants the unit back for testing or will just send you another one without having you send the old one. If you want to vape and have to wait for your machine because of warranty, it can be somewhat non pleasant to go a couple of days without it. Just a little heads up on warranties ☺

2) Discreetness:

As mentioned earlier, some people want to take into consideration the discreetness that that unit offers. Not everyone likes to be seen vaping. Privacy is important these days. You can also consider discreetness when you product is being shipped right? You don’t want any advertising on the box letting others know you have a vaporizer in there that you paid a good amount for.

3) Aromatherapy:

As the years have gone by, many people have become health conscious and are looking into other alternatives to help them out in their everyday lives. Aromatherapy is slowly growing in popularity with the use of blends, waxes and essential oils. Some products used are said to calm you down while others help you breath better if you are suffering from a medical condition. This area requires research depending what you’re looking for.

4) Price:

Yes the big one! ….Price. We all want to save money and get the best bang for our buck. When it comes to vapes, higher price is sometimes said to be associated with better vape quality. This doesn’t mean that a lower costing vape isn’t going to be good thought. If you’re starting off and want to just test it out it might be normal not to be making a big investment at first. For example, the magic flight has gained in popularity because of its low cost and its ability to deliver. All being said, making a big investment at the begging isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. If you know what you want and find a right fit, why not?

5) Flexibility:

Something not talked about much I the vape world is the flexibility of your unit. What we mean by this is: does it have the option of using a car charger? Can I replace the screens? Does it come with a carry case if I have a portable? These are all things one can look at when it comes to accessories that are made for your vape.