the mighty vaporizer vs the utillian 720 vaporizer montreal


I decided to bring this dry herb vaporizer to your attention because I feel that it is truly a great alternative to the mighty vaporizer or even the crafty vaporizer for that matter.  The utillian 720 vaporizer is in many ways similar to the famous portable vaporizers that storz and bickel have already put out on the market for a few years now.

For one, this herbal vaporizer is almost a lookalike in terms of appearance. We can see that both vapes utilize a similar vaping system in which the user takes their draws from a plastic straw that's essentially attached to a vape cooling system.

In the pic I posted, the utillian 720 vaporizer is directly compared to the mighty vaporizer. Perhaps a better comparison would have been the crafty vaporizer since the utillian 720 vaporizer is essentially almost the same size. 

Both dry herb vaporizers use convection heating as a main source of transferring heat to the herbs. I must admit that the mighty will definitely give a thicker, more flavourful draw but for more than half the price, the utillian 720 vaporizer is able to compete. The utillian 720 vaporizer will give nice flavourful clouds even after the 4,5,6th hit which is nice to see on a unit from a newer dry herb vaporizer company.

The mighty vaporizer surely gives the user more precision for temp settings due to it's digital screen and the crafty is limited to two heating temp settings without the use of the app. The utillian 720 on the other hand is not able to compete with as precise temp settings as the mighty because of the lack of digital screen although it does butt heads with the crafty since the utillian 720 vaporizer by default allows the user 8 settings to choose from which is more than enough.

Overall, if you are a user that is looking to enter the world of dry herb vapes but has a limited budget and has just been eyeing the mighty vaporizer or even the crafty vaporizer for the quality they put out, the utillian 720 vaporizer should definitely be considered by you.

To summarize,

-It's more than half the cost of the mighty and half the cost of the crafty

-It too has convection heating.

- It is extremely portable and just as compact as the mighty vaporizer and the crafty vaporizer.

-The maintenance of the unit is pretty straight forward and on par with the mighty and the crafty.

-Provides great flavour!

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