Hey vape aficianados! Today I figured I would briefly touch upon the mighty vaporizer from storz & bickel and share my thoughts on the unit and it's performance. Read more about the mighty vape below!

The mighty vape is the latest portable vaporizer release by storz and bickel. The german makers are the ones behind the famous volcano vaporizer and have earned much respect in the vape community. This time around, they decided to direct their efforts in creating a high quality portable vape instead of opting for the stationary route. The result is an incredible product that is so effective and efficient at what it does, that it shows up time and time again ranked at 1st or 2nd place on top ten vapes on the market.

Immediately out of the package, you will notice the mighty is quite stocky and large for a portable. This is due to the implementation of the digital screen for more precise temp settings. Furthermore, the mighty vaporizer has an extra battery so to speak when compared to its more portable counterpart, the crafty vaporizer. This results in a portable device that has twice the amount of battery life than that of the crafty vape. The mighty will run for about 90 minutes before needing to be recharged. It can be used while charging, but be sure it has a minimum charge of about 20%.

Another major difference between this vape and the crafty is that for the digital screen that allows for precise temperature settins and also has a bar indicator that informs you how much battery is left in your charge.

The unit can be used for both dry botanicals and concentrates. There is a concentrate pad that is included in the kit. The mighty will work great regardless of the type of grind and filling of the chamber. Needless to say, the mighty does work because if you tighly pack your chamber with finely grinded botanicals. 

After your done your sessions, take a look at the dry botanicals. If you notice a uniform brown coloration, that means the botinicals need to be changed for a new session.

Overall, the mighty is essentially the crafty with extra added features that I described above. If you are looking for a high end unit and don't mind spending the extra bucks, then I highly suggest the mighty. The taste, cooking of the botinicals, and battery life make this unit almost unbeatable!