Hey folks Marco here, just letting everyone know that we now have the pax 2 in stock! As always, the pax 2 is a ploom product and is only available offline. Quantity is limited so be sure to call us up for more info! Here are the specs for this awesome new portable vaporizer:

The device can be described as:

Having a stainless steal heating chamber with a magnetic lid, facilitating the process of loading the mix. Now the oven is even deeper which allows the user to add add more mix.

Small, sturdy and compact making it a nice pocket fit. 25% smaller, 10% lighter than the previous pax vaporizer version.
Having the option of choosing between 4 temperature settings, the range of temperatures is now 360F - 420F (about 180C - 215C)
Fully recharging takes a little longer then 2 hour if its completely depleted which is great considering most portable vapes will charge within 3-4 hour range. The charging dock has now changed for the pax 2 which is now magnetic and utilizes a usb charging system.
Battery on a full charge will now last about 90 minutes whereas on the previous pax vaporizer, it lasted about 60 minutes. Takes less than one minute to heat up! Talk about a fast vaping experience!

What is included in the package?

The pax 2 vaporizer package includes the following:

1 Pax 2 Unit 2 Mouthpieces -1 raised and 1 flat 1 magetic oven lid,

1 usb cord

1 charging cradle

1 Cleaning Kit

1 Pax 2 Instruction Manual

Is the pax 2 vaporizer the right product for me?

The pax 2 vaporizer is one of those devices that most vapers long for. Having said that, it is a great device and best fitted for someone if: You really want your vaporizer to be discreet and portable. The pax 2 is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere. The first pax vaporizer was already compact but this time around we have a device that is even more portable! Because of its bigger chamber then most vapes out there, you want to be able to use more blends for vaping and get more draws. These days most people are sometimes busy and so are you. The pax gets a full charge faster compared to other units and heats up fast as well. You want amazing quality vapor and a long lasting device from a company renowned for its amazing customer service and quality product.