The Firefly 2 vaporizer was released in the summer and is a huge improvement over it's previous firefly incarnation. This time around, the firefly 2 still uses convection type heating but comes with some major improvements. I decided to write this article to highlight some of the major differences between the firefly 2 vaporizer and the firefly 1 vaporizer. 

Right out of the package, one will realize the firefly 2 vaporizer is much smaller and lighter than the firefly 1. The new device now weighs 55% lighter and is about 33% smaller. This makes the new vape a highly portable device!

The firefly 2 vaporizer now heats up much faster and is basically vapor on demand. What that means is that the unit will only heat and produce vapor as you hold down on the trigger button. Needless to say, the vapor is almost instantly created in 3-5 secondes which then allows you to take a draw or two. You have to repeat this process for all your subsequent draws. This is great for those vape enthusiasts that want a quick session and want to use that same bowl for several sessions. You can choose between 5 different heat settings for herbs that are make available through a smart phone app and the vapor path is made of glass this time.

Furthermore, the firefly 2 now has the ability to vape concentrates and extracts. That's where the extra temp setting comes in that can be accessed via the smartphone app. In total including the concentrates/extracts heat setting, the firefly 2 has 6 heat settings (5 for herb, 1 for concentrates/extracts)

Maintenance is quite simple with this unit and it involves cleaning the chamber after several sessions or clean it when you realize there is a certain build up.

Two batteries are now inlcuded in the kit and they last about 6 bowls before having to recharge. That means that each battery lasts about 25 minutes of constantt use (give or take).

Lastly a great perk with this new device is that the batteries take about 45 minutes to fully charge which is always a plus!

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