This short review will touch upon the arizer solo. Although this portable vape is on the market for over 4 years now, it is still a relevant device and is testament to the quality products that arizer releases. The demand is still very high for this device so I figured an extra review on the net won't do any harm :)

Immediately upon opening the package, one will notice the arizer solo's stocky size. Yes, it is evident that this isn't the most portable vaporizer but you got give it to the guys at arizer for creating a product that is not only effective but efficient at what it does.

The arizer solo portable vaporizer is essentially a convection vaporizer due to the fact that the botanicals are not in direct contact with the heat source. Rather the botanicals are heated by means of hot air travelling through the botanicals. With that being said, the device doesn't necessarily create vapour, it is the end user's draws or pulls that allows the hot air to travel through the botanicals creating your vapour. This is a good thing as the botanicals are not constantly cooking unless the user takes said draws.

The taste is evident with this vape and the quality is really great for a device that was released more than 4 years ago. There is somewhat of a draw resistance but it isn't so bad as to being detrimental to the device's value. The stems are made of glass and certainly improve the taste of the vapour.

The solo is extremely easy to maintain and it consists of simply cleaning the stems that are included with your kit. You can soak them overnight in a bowl with a soap solution or alternatively, you can use cotton swabs with rubbing alocohol. Really simple!

You can find out more information on the device by clicking here