Hey everyone, this our very first review of a newly released product. Today we will be taking a look at the arizer air made by arizer. 

For those of you not familiar with Arizer, they are the same makers of the highly respected arizer solo, which is essentially the air's predecessor. Till today, the arizer solo is still viewed as one of the most efficient and effective portable vapes on the market. Without further ado, lets jump right onto the review.

How does the device function you ask?

It's actually quite simple, you press and hold the middle of the button that you will find center of the unit. Once you press and hold for a few seconds, you will hear the classic arizer beep sound, letting you know the device has just been turned on. Now, you can change and pick your desired temperature setting using the up and down arrows of the device. One should note that the LED will flash and once it becomes a solid color, this indicates the device has reached the desired setting. 

To turn off your device, simply hold the middle of the button and within a few second, it will shut off, given you that distinct beeping sound.

Lets talk more about these 5 temperature settings below.

Tell me more about the temperature settings!


So the device basically has 5 main settings, each represented by 5 different colors:

Arizer Air Temperature Levels

Level 1 (Blue) - 180°C / 356°F
Level 2 (White) - 190°C / 374°F
Level 3 (Green) - 200°C / 392°F
Level 4 (Orange) - 205°C / 401°F
Level 5 (Red) - 210°C / 410°F

So you basically pick your temp, wait till it heats up (1-2 minutes to reach chosen setting), turn that lovely device upside down and slowly fit one of the included stems in the heating chamber/bowl till its completely inside. Its that simple!

So... what do you guys think of the device?

First off, for any vape aficionado that has already tried the solo, they should have a good idea of what to expect here. What arizer has presented us a second time around is a solid device that greatly resembles its older brother the solo. What that means is that we have a vape that tries its best to act in a convection style fashion, of which it does nicely. 

The taste here is quite remarkable that we can safely say is one of the best on the market. Nice, smooth clouds can be had without that harshness that some devices have due to overly heated vapor. It also has an improved airflow which makes the draw less harder than some other devices. 

Battery life is almost the same as the solo, so you will get about one hours worth which is on par with most vapes. The amazing thing is that the folks over at arizer made the 18650 battery replaceable. So when your battery is all out of juice from all those numerous vape sessions, no need to worry, just purchase a new one and replace it at the bottom of the device! 

Now the portability factor. Compared to the previous device, arizer has addressed this issue. The air has a much more sleek and slim look to it allowing it to easily fit in ones pocket. The removable stem might cause a problem you say? Not really, because arizer has provided us with a little holster that allows the air to slip in as well as the two stems on both sides. It's a light device so no need to worry about the weight.

At this point, we've given nothing but praise to this new device and the air has earned it. We highly recommend checking this new vape out. This device is definitely set to please not only the solo owners but newscomers as well!

Till next time, vape on!