This article will be quite short and serves to compare the arizer air vaporizer to the utillian 720 vaporizer. We have customers walk into our shop in montreal, quebec, canada wanting to know the difference between both these dry herb vaporizers because they are very close as far as pricepoint goes. The similarities end just about there since both herbal vaporizers are actually quite different, besides one or two commonalities. I will explain below.


Flavor and air flow:

The arizer air has awesome flavor due to the all glass stem that acts as part of the chamber for the dry herbs. Even though it has great flavor, the airflow tends to be somewhat restricted although it can be said that the arizer air has improved airflow over its older counterpart the arizer solo vaporizer.

For the utillian 720 vaporizer, the airflow is actually quite nice and I found through conducting some tests, that there was very little draw resistance. This can be due to the fact that there is a sort of filter at the bottom of the device which faciliates the flow of air as you take draws from your device. Flavor on this device is awesome. I tried and have only used one setting on this device which is the blue setting. Flavor was great and even after the 6th draw, there was still a nice taste.

Conduction Vs Convection:

The arizer air is said to use a sort of hybrid style method of cooking the dry herbs. The glass stem sides essentially make part of the process convection. This leaves the bottom part of the herbs in direct contact with the heating chamber, making it conduction. Hence why both conduction and convection are being used in the cooking process.

The utillian 720 vaporizer leans more towards pure convection since the heating starts at the bottom of the machine and as you pull, the hot air travels within the machine and through your herbs, making it convection heating.


The arizer air vaporizer is still quite portable and if you don't mind having to disassemble the glass stems from the device, then you got yourself a winner. If you prefer a more compact design without having to worry about breaking the glass stem, the utillian 720 vaporizer is the way to go.



Hard to beat the arizer air in this category. Arizer devices especially their portable vaporizers are as tough as they get. They certainly will stand the test of time! Arizer air wins this category.


Temperature settings:

Both are tied in the sense that more than enough settings are given to the user. The arizer air vaporizer has 5 settings and the utillian 720 vaporizer has 4 main settings with 4 in between boost settings (8 in all). These options for both devices are more than enough to vape your dry herb material.



The arizer air battery will only last you a few sessions so maximum 45 minutes of continuous use. On average one full battery charge should last 25-45 minutes. Batteries are interchangeable so that's a plus on arizer's side!

The utillian 720 battery can't be changed but one charge does last substantially more than the arizer air. Tests have been conducted and an average charge should last 90 minutes which is actually great for most portables.


Overall both are great devices and it all comes down to personal preferance. To find out more about each device, you can feel free to visit the below product listings:

Arizer Air Vaporizer:

The Utillian 720 Vaporizer: