This short review will serve more as an informative one rather than an in depth look at the device. It is aimed more for the starters and to better educate those newcomers to the world of vaporizers. The arizer air vaporizer has been on the market for a few years now. Although this review may seem a little late to the party so to speak, it is aimed at informing those new to herbal vapes. Alternatively, the demand is still high for this particular device because it offers so many advantages with very little disadvantages. I will discuss the device below.

The arizer air vaporizer is a modern convection vape. What this means is that the hot air travels through the herbs which is what essentially creates the vapor. In other words, the end user is the one creating the vapor since the pull/draw of the end user causes the hot air to travel through your botanicals creating the vapor. I view this as an advantage since there is no consistent burning of the botanicals while the device is turned on. It is basically vapor on demand.

The air vape has 5 temp settings which is more than enough that is needed to comfortably vape. Using the device at lower heat settings will in turn create less vapor and vice versa. The suggested start for the heat setting is trying to vape on the white setting then moving your way up. I personally find that the white or green works best and creates a smooth and flavourful vapor. To turn on the device, simply hold the middle of the device for about 5 seconds till you hear a beeping sound. This means your device is turned on and ready to be heated at your desired temp. You will notice that the blue light blinks and you want to see a solid blue light which is an indicator that the device is now heated and ready to use. So, moving on, once the device shows a solid blue light at the desired temperature, proceed to putting the botanical in your stem and then slowly inserting it in the chamber of the arizer air. Make sure your herb is not of a fine grind but rather coarse and also don't pack it too tightly. Convection vapes work better when the botanicals are a little loose in chamber since it allows the hot air to travel with less resistance. The user should get between 5-10 draws before having to change the herbal load in the stem. A uniform brown color is what you are looking for as an indicator to change to fresh botanicals.

Maintenance is actually quite simple and revolves around the cleaning of the stems only. That is it! Soak them in rubbing alcohol or even a soap solution. The chamber should be left alone without any cleaning. So in all, this is quite an easy device to operate. I highly recommend it to a newcomer wanting a vaporizer that is not only efficient and effective, but is affordable. Those who absolutely want a convection vaporizer will enjoy this one and will see that the vapor produced is flavourful and a lot less harsh on the lungs.