The arizer air 2 vaporizer has been announced recently by arizer and it's already started to ship directly. For us retailers, stock has yet to arrive in montreal, but we got word that it shouldn't be much longer before we get some units in.

This dry herb vaporizer is essentially almost identical aesthically to it's previous arizer air version. The main difference from what we can tell at the moment are the following points:

- Improved battery duration by 50%

- Led screen temp indicator; this allows the vape user to precisely indicate a temp setting wheres with the original arizer air, we could only pick from 5 settings.

-Improved airflow ; the arizer air II vaporizer seems to have improved airflow when compared to the older version.

-Faster charge time


Question mark:


Will the arizer air 2 vaporizer heat up faster than the previous version? 


That's it folks, essentially arizer has taken an already successfill herbal vaporizer and has added to that. Furthermore it seems the improvements on the arizer air 2 are complaints that have been solved from the previous version. 

Stay tuned for more news on our stock!