The Pax 3 vaporizer and the davinci iq vaporizer are two of the newest herbal vaporizers released on the market. Due to being released around the same time, I decided to take the time to write down some points of comparison between both devices. I hope the following will help in making your decision to purchase one of them much easier :)


PAX 3 DaVinci IQ
Conduction heating  Conduction heating
heat time is ~ 15 secondes  heats in ~45 secondes
Cannot replace battery Allows for user to change the battery
stainless steel pathway Ceramic Zirconia pathway
10 year warranty  10 warranty
charges in ~1.5 hours charges in ~4 hours
allows 4 heating temps plus 1 customizable setting allows for smarth paths plus cool digital screen allows for precise heating.
battery will last about on average 1.5 hours and could last a little more battery will last on average 1-1.25 hours

So there you have it, both have smart phone apps that can be used with their respective devices and it should be noted that to designate a precise heating temp, the pax 3 needs its smart phone app whereas the davinci iq can be set to a precise temp without the use of the smart phone app.

Both are great devices and regardless of the decision you take, you will enjoy the quality of the output!

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Pax 3: 

Davinci IQ: