Hey folks! The pax 2 vaporizer and pax 3 vaporizer have now been given updated prices from the manufacturer and bother are in stock at our montreal vaporizers boutique in montreal, quebec, canada.

The pax 2 is now priced at $199.95 instead of the $259.95 and the pax 3 is now at $259.95 instead of the usual $349.95

Both are great dry herb vaporizers and are big on the portability factor. Great oppurtunity to get these units at reduced prices!


Bonjour tout le monde! Le pax 2 vaporisateur et le pax 3 vaporisateur on maintenant des prix reduits! Ils sont tout les deux en stock chez notre boutique montreal vaporizers a montreal, quebec, canada.

Le pax 2 vaporisateur est maintenant $199.95 au lieu de $259.95 et le pax 3 est $259.95 au lieu de $349.95