Greetings we are proud that announce that tomorrow online, we are having a sale which entitles you to $10 off any dry herb vaporizer of your choice! It's a one day offer and some of the herbal vaporizers you can choose from are the following:

The Crafty vaporizer

The mighty vaporizer

The utillian 720 vaporizer

arizer air vaporizer

arizer solo vaporizer 

arizer extreme q vaporizer

davinci iq vaporizer

firefly 2 vaporizer (jet black edition)

pax 2 vaporizer

pax 3 vaporizer 

zeus smite vaporizer

zeus smite plus vaporizer


That pretty much gives you one of the widest selections! This is a one day sale and is only available at our montreal vaporizers boutique situated at 4803 ave du parc H2V4E7 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! Cheers!