The Davinci ascent has been on the market for a few years now but is still in high demand it seems. There are a number of factors that contribute to its continued success. I briefly discuss a few factors that make this vape still very much apparent to todays vaporizer market. 

The first factor I want to discuss is the all glass interior vape path. This allows for a pure vapor and most definately reflects in the taste of the vapor. One will notice that the first few draws of this portable vaporizer give off a very nice taste. You have to make sure however that you consistenly clean the interior path with isopropyl alcohol or even a soap solution. You don't want all the guck to build up which may cause the vapor quality to decrease significantly.

The second factor is the digital screen and its precision. It allows the user to basically chose the exact that they enjoy vaping their botanicals.

The third factor is the option of using concentrates in the davinci ascent. The manufacturer includes 2 glass jars that can be filled with the concentrates of your choice. You simply just slide the glass jar in the chamber and you are ready to use the device.

The fourth factor is the portability. Now the davinci ascent vaporizer might not be as portable as the pax 2 vaporizer or even the pax 3 vaporizer but nevertheless it is still has very good portability and is no bigger than most smartphones on the market today.

The fifth factor is the battery life. Typically one charge should last the user about 90 minutes which is very good for a portable vaporizer seeing as most portables on the market last around the 45 minute mark before having to recharge.


So there you have it, those are five factors I consider when evaluating the success of the davinci ascent vaporizer. I will definitely update this post as I figure out more reasons for its continued success.


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