VAPE ET BARBIER: 1650, rue Villeray, H2E 1H4




Montreal Vaporizers et Barba Coiffeur

(situe dans le salon de barbier/situated inside the barber shop)

1650 Rue Villeray




Opening hours 2019:

Saturday: 10-5pm



Montreal Vaporizers is based in Montreal, Canada and is independantly owned, by means of a simple partnership.

F ormed late 2013 by Diego and Marco, both owners have taken charge ever since and have been on a journey to shed some light on the world of vaporizers!

The foundation of our company is based on a few basic principles namely passion and enthusiasm towards the world of aroma therapeutic vaporizers.Furthermore, we have a strong belief in the products we offer for sale and their potential to provide a healthier alternative than traditional methods of use.

Our goal here at Montreal Vaporizers is to provide a user friendly platform that offers not only the very best vaporizers on the market, but also a wealth of information to help you purchase the product that best fits your needs.


M ission Statement:

Our mission is to raise awareness on the health benefits of using aromatherapy vaporizers.

Serving and providing our clientele with care and quality information on vaporizers is at the core of our belief system.

A  Little About Us.

Driven by our love for business and conscious awareness of healthy living, we decided to make way into the world of vaporizers back in late 2013.

Working in mundane corporate environments was not for us because at our core, lay this deep desire to be entrepreneurs and so the idea of starting Montreal Vaporizers blossomed.

Seeing as we were already extremely passionate about vaporizers, we realized these devices were not getting the credit they deserved. We saw their potential for improving lives and so we decided that we would embark on a mission to help shed light on their therapeutic use.

Here, at Montreal Vapes, we place bold emphasis on you, the customer. What this means is not only providing the very best vaporizers on the market, but also being there to serve you with the utmost attention and care. Until then, don't hate, just vape.